Eddie Parsons Plumbing

Frequently Asked Questions

My plumbing is very old and the water pressure is poor, what can be done to allow me to have a new bathroom that works well?

I can carry out an assessment and pressure test of the plumbing system, and then give options on how to improve or replace the system to bring it up to current Water Authority Regulations.

We can't decide on just having a shower or to keep the bath, as it will devalue the property if we don't have a bath.

This is a common problem that can be resolved by using a shower bath (examples can be viewed on the Gallery page of this web site.) As for devaluing your property if you opt for a shower, that would depend on the new buyer if they like a bath, but remember in the current climate with water conservation and water metres being installed, showering is more economical and eco-friendly.

My bathroom is very small and I can't have what I really want.

The best solution is to start with a blank canvas and fit appropriate sized units to keep things in proportion to the room size. Some bathrooms have a high ceiling but a bath just fits making the room look even higher, if the ceiling is lowered it gives the room better perspective and allows more scope for recessed lighting to enhance the room giving a show room look. Another simple idea is to reverse the door to the room I do this on most jobs as 1930's housing always have the door hung the wrong way for the modern bathroom. All of these combined produce a larger look to the bathroom (See examples in the Gallery page of this web site).

I want new lights in my new bathroom, but the electrics in the house are very old.

All electrical work has to be carried out by a NIC qualified electrician and all work must comply with Part P Regulations, I have an electrician who can discuss this directly with you.

We only have one toilet, what happens while the work is going on, will we have a usable toilet?

I always ensure that there is a working toilet for clients at the end of each day's work, don't worry no buckets will be needed.

We can't find a bathroom shop that has everything that we want.

My supplier Mark Fisher has an extensive range of bathroom suites to meet any budget. If not in stock the delivery time is normally the next day to a week. He also gives my trade discount direct to you as my client, this allows you a low cost option and you get what you want. The main reason for recommending this business is as a result of the problems in the past, with clients ordering from other suppliers or from the internet. The delays caused by parts missing, damaged goods and delays with deliveries resulted in the job running over the completion time and other clients waiting longer due to the delays. With Mark Fisher's service any problems are easily resolved and ensure that the job completes on time. One interesting point; recently a client found a better deal online but when he talked to Mark himself the client got a better deal and taps included for the same price.