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About me:

I have a long and varied career starting in the building industry after leaving school, qualifying as a plasterer and later as a plumber to add another string to my bow. I set up in business with my father and a team of workers procuring work in the refurbishment of older properties, including Government buildings such as a four year contract working on Somerset House in London.

I left the trades in 1981 to work in financial services for twelve years, moving in to the voluntary sector in 1993 working for the Citizens Advice Bureaux on a number of specialist projects. In 1997 I joined the Princess Royal Trust for Carers working to support carers and ended my career as Chief Executive of a Carers Centre in London.

I made the decision to return to my old profession in 2003 after much soul searching, I found that the best career and the one with most job satisfaction was my first career. Looking back I have gained valuable skills throughout my varied career but always kept my hand in building projects for friends and neighbours. I can honestly say that I enjoy getting up and going to work, which is something I missed in my other roles.

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